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Design Duet

Bringing Brands to Life, the Do‑et Way


Global Vision

Light installation for Nuit Blanche / Cavalcade of Lights


Corporate Photography

From image photoshoot to business portraits


Product Photography

Get noticed by making outstanding pictures of your product

Welcome to NUMZ Graphics, the home of “Design Do-et”. As a creative duo, we’re redefining brands and creating impactful experiences. We turn design into action, connecting brands with audiences through innovative visuals. Our mission? To intertwine our creative vision with your goals, leaving a lasting impact.

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Elevate your brand with striking designs that capture attention. We create a wide range of print materials, from flyers to catalogs, and promotional items, from engraved pens to custom-themed t-shirts.


Your brand identity is a reflection of your business’s personality. We will create a new or refresh your existing corporate style with a custom logo, business cards, letterheads, and other stationery.


A website is the cornerstone of any business. We specialize in creating bespoke WordPress websites. Our designs ensure your project is visually appealing, responsive, and functionally robust.


Planning to exhibit? Whether your project is simple or complex, small budget or large, we provide comprehensive design and support for your exhibition booth, ensuring it perfectly represents your company.


Demand for high-quality content is soaring. To boost your online and offline presence, we provide corporate, interview, and music videos, along with portrait, interior, and product photography.


Enhance your promotional and editorial materials with our custom illustrations. From unique brand characters to artistic brochures and book illustrations, our artwork adds distinctive flair and engages your audience.

Our advantages


We love to create and our imagination is a key element in this process. This is why technology can never substitute.


We want you wonder. Our inventiveness combined with awareness of new trends will help you stand out in projects.


We grow up and our experience makes us wiser. We ask the right questions and do not ask in excess.


We are used to being flexible and our portfolio proves that. We work in different areas, adjusting our ideas to you.

NUMZ projects

We thrive on crafting projects that infuse our lives with fresh impressions and emotions. To evoke these feelings, we blend various approaches and elements. Beyond the visual, our projects often carry social significance, connecting people (as seen in art installations like “Canada 150”, “CRYSTAL”, “Patterns of Life”) or addressing global issues (such as OUTSIDERS: energy is inside, Global Vision).

Human engagement is vital to NUMZ projects, underscoring our gratitude towards all partners, clients, and key stakeholders who journey with us. We always welcome new faces to join, inspire, and be inspired.

Total Years of Experience
Total Clients Served

Who we are?

You might identify us as designers, photographers or illustrators, but first of all we are just people inspired by the wonder of our world. We have merged our professionalism and skills to deliver the best creative solutions for our clients and excel in our mutual goals.

Nargiza Usmanova, NUMZ Graphics


Designer, Artist

Nargiza is an award-winning designer with a rich portfolio spanning various visual arts disciplines. She holds a diploma in Graphic & Industrial Design and has refined her skills in roles such as Chief Designer and Art Director. Her work includes Graphic Design, Exhibit Design, Lighting Design, and Illustration. Nargiza is also the author of numerous art installations and performances, showcasing her ability to blend artistic expression with functional design. Celebrated for her exceptional creativity, imagination, and passion for art and design, she consistently delivers innovative and captivating projects that resonate widely.

Maxim Zinchuk, NUMZ Graphics


Designer, Photographer, Videographer

Maxim, also an award-winning talent, complements our creative duo with his extensive experience in Graphic Design, Exhibit Design, Web Design, and Art Direction. His education in marketing not only deepens his understanding of client needs but also equips him with strategic insights that drive business success, making him a reliable and perceptive partner. Maxim is renowned for his expertise in photography, specializing in portrait, product, interiors, and event photography. He is also an experienced videographer, focusing on promotional videos, interviews, and music video production.

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    If we could keep this group to ourselves we totally would - fortunately they belong to the world with the set of talents Nargiza and Maxim possess. Very highly recommended!!

    Dmitri Protas, PresidentTRANSAM Carriers Inc.

    We have been working with Maxim in one team for two years. Cooperation with him was very handy. Maxim is a professional of high level in many fields of visual art. He managed the work on corporate identity, design of events and exhibition booths, created mock-ups and prototypes of souvenir products. One of his personal characteristics is accuracy and quality of final files.

    Pavel Stasevich, Head of Marketing Creative

    Our company has been operating at international cargo transportation market and renders services to our clients all over the world for more then 10 years. We can afford best design specialists of the world but TELS steadily cooperates with Nargiza, who is a specialist of highest qualification in her professional sphere.

    Elena Sazonchik, Marketing DirectorTELS Company

    Maxim, I would like to thank you for the truly excellent service you provided for us. The pictures look absolutely amazing! You are so talented and creative. I will definitely be recommending your photography services to anyone.

    Svetlana Kopeleva, OwnerRight Way Auto Repair

    He grasps the employer’s ideas quickly and does his best to interpret the spirit of the project in the most precise way. We’ve worked with dozens of various designers all over the world and we can positively say that cooperation with Maxim remains the most effective.

    Alexander, Co-ownerArmytek Optoelectronics Inc.

    With your help, we were able to carry out the re-branding for the entire series of packages of our products. Our packages are distinguished by buyers and trade shows participants among the best, most unusual, original, and full of warmth.

    Catherine NegluiGorodeya Sugar Refinery, Assistant Director

    Nargiza developed much of our advertisement materials, including corporate identity products, calendars and New Year cards, interior renders for our customers. Not only she demonstrated reliability during the long period of our cooperation, but her works always displayed high quality and unconventional approaches.

    Yuri P. Panko, Associate DirectorBelKEMA, Ltd.

    If any of you are in need of mind blowing designs, please, have an opportunity to know these people!!! Great Team - Great Work!! Thank you, Nargiza and Maxim, for giving some of us a chance to watch the process and this outstanding result!!! We are all very proud of you!!! (about the art installation Canada 150)

    Ekaterina Vinokurova, OwnerVinyl City