In the best light

How to show the product and attract buyers’ attention? One good way is to have visually appealing pictures of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to showcase, for example, a simple and clean wine bottle on a white background to use in a catalogue; a crisp and shiny necklace with a reflection for an online shop; carefully set up still-life with flowers for a postcard; or abstract composition with splashes for a magazine cover. The list of sites for use of product photography may be extended: restaurant menu, company website, newsletter, flyer, billboard, lightbox, art wall, etc. Regardless of where these images are used, they should look professional. NUMZ Graphics and, in particular, our photo studio is always ready to help you choose the right type of product photography and make it looks perfect. Below, we present our examples.

What exactly?

We do not limit our clients to narrow specialization and offer different types of product photography, including food photography (dishes, desserts, fruits, vegetables), beverage photography (wines, beers, soda, juice), clothes and accessories photography (footwear, outerwear, watches, purses), jewelry photography (necklaces, earrings, rings), interior decoration photography (pieces of art, light fixtures, flowers), fine-art, etc.

Water flow. Product photography by NUMZ Graphics

Still-life photography

In still-life photography, whether it’s fruits, flowers, or consumer products, everything should live in harmony. Composition, light, colors, shapes, textures – all are vital for creating a unique appearance of the image or brand.

Beverage photography

No one respectful beverage production company can afford to skip their product to be photographed. It is an established fact that professional beer or wine photography makes their brands more recognizable, which leads to increased sales.

Apparel and accessories photography

Photography of clothes or accessories, like these purse pictures, is always in demand by apparel stores, boutiques, fashion designers or magazines.

Dessert photography

Desserts require a special approach to photography. They should be yummy in pictures, because they are!

Food photography: sugar

Sugar, especially when it formed in nice shapes, looks more interesting in still-life compositions. The presented pictures of sugar were used in the Gorodeya Sugar Refinery catalogue of products. To learn more about this work, please, click here.

Food photography: salt

These still-lives with salt are another example of our food photography. The images were presented in a product catalogue of Mozyrsalt company specialized in salt production.

Light fixtures

Balancing light of fixtures with a flash or another available light is quite tricky. Here we present the light fixtures made by Nargiza in knitting technique, examples of our interior decoration photography.

Merchandise with package

Sometimes a product needs to be shown with a package, for example, for online shopping or product catalogue. On the images below: Armytek Wizard Pro and Armytek Predator flashlight packages.

Get ready to stand out!