Booth design

Welcome to our portfolio showcase featuring the booth design made for GVA Lighting at Lightfair 2023, hosted at the prestigious Javits Center in the heart of New York City. Nestled at the crossroads of entertainment, fashion, finance, and media, the Javits Center provided the perfect backdrop for the convergence of architectural and commercial lighting from May 21-25, 2023. Our booth design encapsulates the essence of urban landscapes, illuminating the cityscape with GVA Lighting’s top-notch products. Here, buildings come to life, showcasing the company’s exceptional work in real-life settings.

The concept

Our creative process starts with hand-drawn sketches, the core of our vision for the GVA Lighting booth at Lightfair 2023. Imagine a city landscape emerging within the booth, animated by tall white panels waiting to be illuminated by GVA’s premier lighting products. Moving from sketches to 3D modeling, we refine concepts into an immersive experience capturing the essence of urban radiance.

GVA Lighting at Lightfair 2023
GVA Lighting at Lightfair 2023

The show

GVA Lighting shone bright among 300+ exhibitors at the Javits Center during Lightfair 2023. In the bustling space, thousands explored innovative tools and solutions for their projects. Our booth featured the award-winning Color-Stream technology, HL4 Highlighter, and other cutting-edge products of the company, capturing the essence of urban brilliance. As attendees immersed themselves in the glow, we were proud contributors to the booth’s success.

Visualizing with Color-Stream

The Color-Stream cutting-edge technology from GVA Lighting not only offers exceptional performance but also unparalleled flexibility for lighting designers. To bring this innovation to life, we crafted a series of illustrations that form the essence of our booth concept. These illustrations also serve as the visual anchor for the company’s ads, seamlessly intertwining the dynamic capabilities of Color-Stream with the urban radiance we aimed to showcase.

GVA Lighting at Lightfair 2023