“Patterns of Life” is an art project directed by Nargiza Usmanova made for Belarusian folk festival “Kupalle 2016”. This celebration relates to the summer solstice when nights are the shortest and includes a number of Slavic rituals. The event took place in Parry Sound District (Ontario, Canada) in July 2016 and was visited by more than one hundred people. That night, three traditional patterns were appeared beside Slutzak Guest House, which is 30 kilometres from Parry Sound town. The first pattern “Kupalle” is a symbol of the festival, the second pattern “Mother” – our roots and the country where we came from, and the third pattern “Child” – our future.

The objective

The project was aimed to unite people, make them feel a part of Belarusian history and culture. Choosing the symbols of mother and child, we wanted to convey the idea of importance of national traditions to our children. In addition, the installation was aimed to become the additional decoration for the festival and backdrop for taking pictures.

How it’s made

All three patterns were made with cardboard circles colored white and then painted by guests of the festival, including kids. Each structure, 4 meters tall and 2.5 meters long, was hung on a tree with a linen rope. For the opening, for more artistic effect, we also used a fog machine in combination with color spotlights.

Patterns of Life
Patterns of Life
Patterns of Life

The project statistics



Metres of rope (≈)


Knots (≈)




6 wooden bars, 6 bottles of spray paints, 3 RGB projectors, a fog machine, and art supplies

Patterns of Life


It’s LIQUID International Architecture, Video Art, Painting, Photography, Installation and Performing Art Festival took place in Bogota (Colombia) in November 19 – December 19, 2016. Our video “Patterns of Life” have been projecting on a wall in the gallery in Bogota for a month.

Patterns of Life


At the beginning of 2017 the “Patterns of Life” video have been showing at the CONTEMPORARY VENICE Art Show in the Palazzo Flangini, Venice (Italy), for one month.

Patterns of Life

Kupalle 2016 at Canadian Slutzak

The article in Belarusian language about the event and our project.

We thank

Slutzak Guest House

for the very nice location and warm welcome

Violetta Kovaleva,

the leader of “Javarovy Ludzi” folk group,
for the opportunity to take part in the festival

Iryna Toustsik,

the volunteer of the festival,
for the information support and countenance

all kind people

who helped in setup and decoration