Annual branding design set

In 2020, the transportation company TELS continues to develop its success, which is confirmed by a constant increase in the volume of services and the business expansion from the company’s own funds. TELS also pays much attention to the issues which are not directly related to business. These company’s activities and initiatives are highly evaluated by reputable organizations and found their reflection in a new set of promo products based on the abstract illustration made by NUMZ Graphics. Such basic human values as MIND, ENERGY, CREATIVITY, FEELINGS, TIME, and PATH, are featured on this year’s calendars, datebooks, notebooks, folders, bags, leaflets, and other promotional materials of the company.

TELS-2020 branding
Wall calendar 2020
Set of pens
Paper bag
Datebook / organizer
TELS-2020 branding
TELS-2020 branding: notebooks and pens
TELS-2020 branding: folders, bags, and pens
TELS-2020 branding: bags

TELS datebook / personal organizer

A datebook, or personal organizer, is a great tool for business people to organize their busy schedules. This makes a datebook another great accessory to present to your company’s valued customer, partner, or employee. The TELS datebook of 2020 is a solid binder with a leather cover and 6 colored sections for making notes. All of these sections are separated by an individually illustrated title page. The first pages also include useful information, such as addresses of offices, main contacts, calendars, and a day planner.

TELS-2020 branding: datebook

TELS greeting card

We consider every New Yer’s greeting card of TELS is a piece of art and the card for 2020 is not an exception. Printed on a textured paper with golden embossing and complimented with a pearl envelope, this fold-out card is designed to be an inspiration for all recipients.

TELS-2020 branding: New Year's greeting card