Transeuropean Logistic Services Ltd.


Annual branding design set

Explore the TELS 2021 design collection, where practicality meets design finesse. At the core of our approach is a commitment to infusing creativity into every project. This time, we’ve also taken a hands-on approach, employing hand-illustrated imagery that encapsulates the diverse scenes within the transportation world of TELS. Our design set encompasses a carefully crafted wall calendar, datebooks, notebooks, greeting cards, and other promotional materials. Each piece transcends its functional purpose, serving as a vibrant testament to the dynamic spirit of TELS company.

TELS-2021 branding
Wall calendar 2021
Notebook cover
Set of pens
Greeting card with envelope
Holidays greeting card and envelope
Notebook pages
TELS-2021 branding
TELS-2021 branding
TELS-2021 branding

TELS greeting cards

Delve into our passion for crafting greeting cards. Our portfolio highlights our dedication to creativity and excellence through both professional day cards, such as Motorist Day, and holiday greetings. The Holiday Greeting Card designed for TELS’s extensive clientele and friends exemplifies a harmonious mix of festive wishes and distinctive design. Printed on radiant pearl paper that gleams like a Christmas decoration, this card unfolds in three parts, each revealing a captivating display of the holiday spirit.

TELS-2021 branding: Holidays Greeting post card
TELS-2021 branding: Holidays Greeting post card