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At NUMZ Graphics, we believe that as each person has its own personality, each business should have its unique identity. As a design studio, we take care of a company’s image by developing professional design and marketing solutions.

Transam Carriers Inc. is a leading transportation and logistics provider based in Toronto, ON, serving both Canada and the United States. Transam Carriers’ visual identity is a great example of what can be achieved by building a relationship based on trust and dedication. Starting from the logo redesign and vehicle graphics, through advertisement and promo materials, social media posts and the website, we have developed a new unique corporate style that we can be proud of together.

Transam Carriers Brand Identity is a Bronze Design Award winner in the 2021-2022, Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design Award Category at A’Design Award.

Transam Carriers' logo
Transam Carriers' logo options
Transam Carriers' old and new logo
Transam Carriers' logo structure
Transam Carriers' typography
Transam Carriers' Logo and Identity Design
Transam Carriers' business cards
Transam Carriers' Logo and Identity Design

Transam Carriers' equipment photo

Artwork and promo materials

Branding is all about how customers feel when they interact with a brand. Luckily, there are no limits on how it can be achieved. One of the ways is the use of branded merchandise to appreciate your clients, partners, and employees. To shape the brand with a distinctive look we developed original artwork for Transam to use in its promo products.

Another way of promotion is creating a promo video. Whatever goals you have, drive sales, increase customer engagement, or educate customers, video is considered the most effective for these purposes. Our short promotional video for Transam Carriers, highlighting what makes their services special, is one of the examples.

Transam Carriers' artwork

Alternative logo

For purposes that are not directly related to business, such as sponsoring a sports team or corporate event, an alternative logo with an adjusted design may be a good solution.

Transam Carriers' alternative logo

Website design

The brand is not complete without its online presence. In business since 2006, Transam Carriers has been constantly expanding its customer base and continuing to develop a reputation as a reliable provider of transportation services. The company’s website is a must-have tool for supporting this image, building a client’s base, and generating the brand’s loyalty. Based on the experience of the company’s experts, we have built the website that engages the truckers and turns its visitors into Transam’s clients.

Transam Carriers' website design

Website icons (services, statistics, work benefits, etc.)

Transam Carriers' web icons
Transam Carriers' web icons

Equipment photography

Semi-trailer trucks are one of the main assets of a transportation company. Professionally taken photographs of this equipment are a key component in creating a positive brand image. Pictures taken for Transam Carriers are used in all marketing materials, as well as on social media and the company’s website.