Annual branding design set
Booth design

While the main part of TELS’ transportations is made in basic European trade lines, the company continues to provide delivery of international trade cargoes in about 400 directions all over the world. To help the company promoting itself as an International forwarding agent, in 2019, NUMZ Graphics offered TELS a new branding concept based on a stylized world map. Traditionally, the graphics have been implemented on various promotional materials such as wall calendars, notebooks, folders, bags, pens, postcards, etc. This year, the design was also featured at the exhibition stand of  TELS during the International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw.

TELS-2019 branding design
Wall calendar 2019
Paper bag
Set of pens
Block of notes
TELS-2019 branding design
TELS-2019 branding: notebook
TELS-2019 branding: folders & USB drive
TELS-2019 branding: USB drive
TELS-2019 branding design
TELS-2019 branding: bags

TELS greeting cards

We love making holiday cards and are very excited every time when clients ask us to design a new card for them. Sent via regular mail, electronically, or personally handed, a greeting card is a win-win option to show your respect and gratitude to a client, partner, or employee. TELS always pays significant attention to holiday cards considering them as a way to develop general goodwill and retain brand awareness.

TELS-2019 branding: New Year's postcard

TELS exhibition stand

Exhibits are one more great way to advertise a company and its services. Every year TELS participates in several international exhibitions and 2019 is not an exception. One of these exhibitions is TransLogistica Poland, the International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw. The event is a professional platform offering a chance to meet and utilize the knowledge of the transportation sector specialists.

TELS-2019 branding: exhibit stand